Sunday, May 19, 2013

I Don't Know Nothin'!

Beginning this piece with a double-negative pretty much guarantees you can disregard me as a professional writer. That being said: I don’t do this for YOU. Well, that’s not entirely true- not even remotely. I really believe that we push ourselves to succeed on some level that initially makes us happy, and then of course we attempt to “share” under the guise of improving others. Yeah, right. The dog will run to fetch you the chew toy and he requires a good head rubdown and ear scratch every time!

So, I’m not a professional writer and am no longer a “professional” recording artist (that doesn’t even sound like it makes sense!); so what exactly makes me an expert in anything?

The key here to realize anyone’s value is to understand their *POV, otherwise known as point of view or *Perfect Opportunity (to) Vent. Let’s not derail this train right away- I don’t mean to vent mercilessly towards others; I just mean to pass on the goodness that someone shared with you once. This is the value system and center of gravity that is not just a perception, but your own solid ground to stand on. Here’s a few of mine that keep me from steering of course:

  •        The world is round and I am not the center of it! The truth is that 100’s of years ago, people believed we would certainly fall off our ‘flat’ world, but eventually that myth was squashed. I am not the owner of the only opinion in the universe.
  •         I take time and others for granted. Believe me, I have better things to do with my hours- I just like Grumpy Cat memes or watching episodes of Family Guy I’ve already seen! My friends are important, but I haven’t always made that opinion clear either.        

  •        I don’t know nothin’! When it comes to music and musicianship, I think my opinion is the only one that matters, but I know that is a seismic pile of steaming dung!

My son reminds me that my love for hummus isn’t universally shared and he’s only 8, so I guess that not everyone is going to think the first two (and only) Quicksand albums are the greatest thing ever. I also realize that if I had the money, I’d easily buy untold amounts of music gear and I would have a more well-rounded view of what was good; NOT JUST WHAT I CAN AFFORD. Also, I am the slowest typist on Earth and the difference between knowing and not caring becomes apparent. Dear Santa, I would like Dragon software for X-mas; a Zon bass, Markbass 2x12 cab, that barista at the coffee shop downtown…

I welcome you and your POV to my ‘flat’ world. The comment section below is where to vent. Enjoy.

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